on orders of $99 or more

Items eligible for free shipping will include the logo. This means the item will ship free if included in an order of $99 or more.

Shipping To Address Other Than Billing Address

While we will ship to an address other than the billing address (except for ammo), your shipment will be delayed while we verify the authenticity of the order.
  1. You will need to provide us with the full card number.
  2. We will contact the issuing bank for the credit card used in the purchase. If the card does not turn up fraudulent, we may ask the bank to contact the name provided with the billing address to authorize shipment to a different address. We will only process and ship the order once the issuing bank has verified the authenticity of the purchase.

Shipping Carriers and Costs

  • Except for ammo, USPS Priority Mail is our default shipping carrier for a flat rate of $6.95 (ammo only ships UPS). This includes 2-day Priority Mail and Saturday shipping (UPS Ground does not ship on Saturdays). Delivery usually takes 2-3 business days

  • Some items can only ship UPS Ground and are indicated on the checkout page with "Must ship UPS Ground." These items ship for a flat rate of $10; we achieve that rate by adding $3.05 to the default rate of $6.95. Delivery normally takes 3-7 business days. Saturday shipping/delivery is not included.

  • All ammunition orders are shipped via UPS Ground to the billing address only, no P.O. Boxes. All ammo sales are final. DOT regulations do not allow us to receive returned ammo. Please review our ammo policy for state restrictions

FREE SHIPPING applies for the following ammo orders:
  • All full cases
  • Any order with a full case plus a smaller unit (if the shipping options show a charge at checkout, we will remove the shipping charge upon processing)
  • Any order without a full case but with at least 4 units
Orders without a full case ship as follows:
  • 1 unit - $7.00
  • 2 units - $4.00
  • 3 units - $1.00
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, and thank you for shopping with us!