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Crossfire Tactical Grenade .40 S&W Frangible Hollow Point, 125 grains, 200 rounds, 20 rds/box
Crossfire Tactical Grenade .40 S&W Frangible Hollow Point, 125 grains, 200 rounds, 20 rds/box

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.40 S&W Frangible Hollow Point
125 grains
200 rounds, 20 rds/box

Crossfire’s factory-loaded Tactical Grenade Ammunition is a revolutionary concept in the world of defense ammunition! Their Tactical Grenade Handgun Ammunition uses only frangible bullets made by SinterFire, the only BATF Approved Frangibles for handguns on the market, made from copper powder that is bonded, molded, heat treated, then "drilled" on CNC machines. Ceramic-like in composition, the Hollow Points literally "fracture" after penetrating the target a few inches, thereby producing a "grenade-like" or "exploding" effect while mitigating the chances of over-penetration.

Why Black Oxide?
Brass tarnishes & turns green! When that happens, it will not feed properly in an automatic! With expensive defense ammo, people do not shoot it up on the range. They buy range ammo for that--at half the price. With hollow points, you shoot a few and save the rest for the day that the unthinkable happens and you need to defend life, liberty, and property from some thugs threatening you or your family. On that day, your ammo must be perfect. When your brass turns green because it is a few years old, you are in big trouble! Recognizing this, Speer, Winchester, Hornady, and others have gone to loading their best Hollow Points into Nickel Brass - because nickel will not tarnish.

Black Oxide never tarnishes, and its coefficient of friction is lower than nickel or brass, so it feeds like a dream in an automatic. Black Oxide is not a plating process. It is formed in a chemical reaction with the metal itself. In ferrous metals, you may recall that ferrous oxide is Fe2O3 – rust. Black Oxide with ferrous metals is Fe3O4. Black Oxide combines with the iron atoms on the surface but does not increase the thickness of the material. With copper, “cupric oxide” is formed when the copper inside the brass or in the bullets is oxidized. This Black Oxide provides a tarnish and scratch resistant finish and will last indefinitely (without abrasion). The same company that produces Crossfire Ammunition's Black Oxide also produced the Olin-Winchester on their Black Talon™ ammunition. More recently, they produced the new 410(3-disk) shells designed for The Judge™
Caliber: .40 S&W
Bullet: Sinterfire frangible hollow point
Grain Weight: 125 grains
Rounds: 200
Rounds per box: 20
Muzzle velocity: 1154 fps
Black Oxide brass provides 20-year shelf-life

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